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About Mark & Space

Mark & Space has evolved from an electronics design and development house to end-to-end electronics solutions provider. With a rich legacy of product design and development in the fields of Telecom Access Network, Telecom Power and Telemetry, Mark & Space is committed to providing state of art technology based solutions to its customers. Mark & Space has been the leading innovator in its domain introducing novel products & solutions. Mark & Space designed products have been deployed in the public telecom networks of many countries around the globe.

In an increasingly interconnected world, it is becoming imperitive for businesses across industry segments to effectively acquire and assimiliate timely information regarding their assets and business processes to stay competitive.

Mark & Space endeavor enriches this ecosystem by building cost effective, customized electronics solutions and integrating the monitoring & control data chain with tailor made or standard back-end solutions.

Mark & Space brings forth its expertize in understanding of electronic systems design, communication and protocol stacks, database and user interface design to usher in solutions relevant to a range of industry verticals.

Sankalp Srivastava

Sanjeev Angra
Executive Director