Fuse Monitoring System

This scalable microprocessor based system helps provide for monitoring of fuses and auto switchover to a standby fuse in case of failure. The system is housed in 3U Euro sized rack. The key features are -

  • Upto 24 / 32 fuses per rack.
  • Main & Standby Fuse status LED indicator.
  • Automatic switchover in case of main fuse failure to standby fuse.
  • Remote / Local alarm acknowledgement.
  • GSM / SMS module for remote reporting of alarms.
  • Test switch for checking indicators.
  • Works off 24V DC/ 60V DV / 110V DC / 110V AC.

Railway Battery Monitoring System

The Railways Battery Monitoring system aggregates cell level voltages for a 55 cell lead acid battery bank, along with environment parameters such as ambient temperature, humidity, battery temperature etc. It also collects charging & discharging current and load current values. Multiple sites can be monitored by a user. The system also tracks the state of the battery helping in estimation of charge and life of the battery.

  • Voltage monitoring of 55 cells.
  • Battery temperature monitoring.
  • Ambient temperature monitoring.
  • Charge / Discharge cycle monitoring.
  • GSM / SMS module for remote monitoring.
  • RS232 port for local monitoring.
  • 20 characters X 4 line LCD display.