Power Management System

The Power Interface System is a comprehensive & integrated single rack solution for various power management and control functions needed for passive electrical infrastructure of a BTS site. It reduces the operational cost of running a telecom site. It enhances service efficiency by virtue of its modular & integrated design. The system incorporates extremely stable & field-proven software. The functions provided include -

  • Lightning & Surge Protection
  • Static Line Conditioning with ultra-fast correction and isolation
  • Capacity of 7.5 KVA/ 10 KVA/ 12.5 KVA/ 15 KVA/ 20 KVA/ 25 KVA
  • Intelligent Diesel Generator Management including AMF for Single/Two DG
  • SMPS battery charger for DG battery
  • Alarm Management & Logging including Fire/Alarm
  • Customized AC Power Distribution
  • Communication to Infrastructure Network Monitoring System
  • Phase Selector & Phase Sequence Controller
  • Multi Operator Interface
  • Indoor / Outdoor versions

Telecom Air Conditioning Controller

The AC Controller is suitable for Window ACs / Split ACs / High Sensible Heat ACs to provide:

  • Status monitoring
  • Grill Temperature
  • Current drawn
  • Protection - High Voltage / Low Voltage / HP / LP / Over current
  • TCP/IP Link for control & monitoring

Telecom Passive NMS

Mark & Space CIMS is a comprehensive remote monitoring & management tool for telecom passive electrical infrastructure at unmanned/manned telecom sites from a central location. This system is a operations assistance tool helping management to focus attention on sites with recurring problems or high operational expenses as well as gather data / statistics about energy spends / savings of telecom sites. A second version provides uniform control function for Generator management & air conditioner management besides providing the central monitoring. It is a universal system for transmission of alarm and critical site status information through the cellular network to central monitoring server as well as support staff hand phones. The functions provided include -

  • SMS/GPRS based.
  • Site Status Display.
  • Online alarms/logging.
  • Remote monitoring module/ Remote monitoring & control module.
  • Remotely programmable central & hand phone numbers.
  • Optional SNMPv2 interface.

Lithium Battery Monitoring

Mark & Space LFP Remote Monitoring System aggregates cell level voltages for multiple battery banks, along with environment parameters such as ambient temperature, battery temperature and Mains & DG Voltage etc. It also collects charging & discharging current and load current values. Multiple sites can be monitored by a user. The system also tracks the state of the battery helping in estimation of charge and life of the battery. The salient features are -

  • Lithium & VRLA battery voltage & current monitoring.
  • Room Tempearture Monitoring.
  • Mains & DG voltage monitoring.
  • Optional interface with Lithium BMS to report SOC / SOH.
  • KWH / AH / Depth of discharge monitoring.
  • 20 characters X 4 line LCD.
  • GSM / GPRS.
  • Status & Event logs.

AMF Controller

The DG AMF controls all the operations of the AMF at a telecom site. It is responsible for generator control & protection, mains control & protection, alarm management, event logging and communication. The system is programmable through a set of keys & a four line backlit LCD display.

The functions provide include-

  • Mains & DG Control - 3 Phase Voltage /Current /Frequency of Mains & DG
  • Alarm Management
  • DG Start / Stop/ Automatic Shutdown in case of DG Fault
  • TCP/IP Link over Serial Port for Monitoring & Reporting
  • DG SMPS Battery Charger - Trickle and Boost
  • Phase Reversal Relay
  • 90-300V Static AVR for Mains contactor voltage stabilization