Water Treatment Plant Controller

The Drinking Water treatment plant telemetry solution provides information including plant operation data as well smart card based sales system data. This web based system allows the operator to monitor a large number of plants aggregating user consumption pattern, sales parameters and trending of plant operation parameters to provide online information & facilitates pro-active maintenance and enhances uptime. The key features -

  • Input & Output Water TDS monitoring.
  • Memebrane pressure monitoring.
  • Raw water & Treated Water tank level monitoring.
  • Mains Voltage & Current Monitoring.
  • Raw water temperature monitoring.
  • Dosing pump monitoring.
  • Raw water pump / HP pump control.
  • Sales Management using sales panel.
  • GSM / GPRS communication.

Water Quality & Quantity Monitor

The Water Quality & Quantity Monitoring System is a solar powered autonomous solution for monitoring the quantity and quality of water in public distribution water tank. This system is self powered using an internal Lithium battery which is charged using a small 5W solar panel. It interfaces to up to three sensors having 4-20mA interface. A GSM/ GPRS module provides the net connectivity to up-load the data to server at user programmable time interval. The salient features are -

  • Water Quantity measurement using submersible pressure transducer.
  • pH sensor.
  • ORP sensor.
  • Internal Lithium Battery.
  • 16 characters X 2 line LCD.
  • GSM / GPRS.
  • Micro SD / SD-HC card.
  • IP 65 outdoor cabinet for the data logger.